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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Before Switch Blog to AMP HTML, Read This Things First

Some Things You Should Know Before Switch Your HTML Blog into Valid AMP Blog

Some Things You Should Know Before Switch Your HTML Blog into Valid AMP Blog

Users of blogger CMS who want to change their blog become valid amp, it seems more and more. This is probably because they assume that CTR and SERP in google are better if using blogs that use valid AMP templates.

Is it true? As per my own experience managing AMP-based blogs much earlier I created, it's true if SERP and CTR are better if using a valid template AMP.

Perhaps the visitors already understand if they are looking for articles on google, and find the article with the logo of lightning, then the blog is more quickly accessed.

This is one of the reasons I am turning it into an AMP-based blog, because I feel the benefits of using AMP project on my blog.

But please note that you should pay attention to some things before you decide to change the blog based on AMP project. 

Some of these things are very important so you do not regret to change your blog to be valid AMP. Because basically, converting Blogger cms to valid AMP is very time consuming, because you have to change one by one article for all blogger article valid amp (read).

Berikut akan saya jelaskan hal yang harus kamu perhatikan sebelum kamu mengubahnya menjadi valid AMP.

1. Know Your Blog Majority Users

This is the most important thing that I think you should really pay attention to. If your blog users are majority of smartphone users, then I recommend you to use a valid template AMP blogger and change the entire article on your blogger for valid AMP.

Because, basically the Google AMP cache icon will only be visible if the visitor does a search on the mobile phone.  

Especially if your blog uploads a lot of images, I strongly recommend it to convert to a valid AMP. Why so? Because as I have explained, AMP's valid blog will be more accessible although many include images in his blog. 

2. Blog Articles Topic 
The theme or niche of your blog also needs to be considered. If you have a blog with articles on traveling topics, entertainment news, food recipes, and other light-themed blogs, there is no harm in trying to use AMP for bloggers.

If you have a blog with tutorials on blogging or coding, movie downloads, video editing tutorials, and similar blogs, I do not recommend that you change them to be valid AMP.

But you have to think things through. Because usually blog visitors with the topic, the majority use the computer/desktop.

3. All Old Articles That Will Error (not Valid)
Unlike blogs that use plugins in WordPress CMS that automatically convert all articles into valid AMPs, you as Blogger users will experience some irritating errors on your blog.

Yep! There will be many article errors, even all your blogger articles may experience errors. The 'error' I'm referring to is not an HTML language error on your blog, but an error on the validity of your AMP project.

To solve this problem, you need to change the articles one by one in order to become a valid AMP. For more details, read the article: How to make All Articles Valid AMP Blogger.

The essence of this article, so you as a blogger can better understand what are the benefits and disadvantages, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the AMP project. Please always note these things before you decide to make your blog Valid AMP.