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Monday, November 13, 2017

How To Make All Blog Posts Valid AMP

Easy step how to make your articles at blogspot vaid AMP. How To Make All Blog Posts Valid AMP

How To Make All Blog Posts Valid AMP

As has been previously discussed, it takes enough perseverance and patience for your blog valid amp. Because it does not necessarily require only a valid template, but also you have to edit the previous articles that are not in accordance with AMP language writing guidelines.

Then how to write articles on bloggers for valid AMP? Here we will explain with the picture.

If You Making a New Article

If you create a new article with a valid template amp, please note that some features such as changing the font in the article, and coloring the text are invalid.

Also if you have uploaded and installed the image, you need to change Compose mode to HTML mode. And change the code <img> to <amp-img>. 

If Editing Old Articles

For valid amp, you need to edit your old articles and change some code. Here's how to make it easier to edit those invalid AMP codes.

1. First, open the article you want to edit first.

2. Once open, select all text (ctrl + a) and click the remove formating icon in the top panel. (view image)
3. After that, you format articles such as heading, blockquote and even text that has been bold will return to normal.

4. After that please format again but without entering the style code

5. For the image, please change to HTML writing mode and please change the code <img> to <amp-img> and also you need to specify the width and height code specifics. Examples of formats such as picture writing below:
<amp-img alt="alt gambar" height="650" layout="fixed"  src="URL GAMBAR" width="950"></amp-img>

If you have already changed the html code for the image, the image will automatically not be visible, nor will the thumbnail appear. To bring up thumbnails, add <noscript> .... </ noscript> code on basic HTML <IMG>.

6. After that, please try publishing your article. If an error occurs, please find the error code. Use the AMP Validator extension in chrome or your firefox to find out the error code..

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