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Donate Me and Grab my Premium AMP Blogger Template

Donate Me and Grab my Premium AMP Blogger Template

Donate and Grab This Blog Theme! is a blog that contains blogging content that focuses on the Google AMP tutorial for Blogger / Blogspot CMS. At, you can read many interesting articles about AMP HTML Blogging tutorials, AMP Ad tutorials, AMP SEO, AMP News, and also Download the best AMP Blogger templates for free and paid.

I developed in the third quarter of 2017, where at that time I was interested in studying AMP HTML. I happen to be a Blogger since 2012 ago, and currently working as an SEO Analyst in a company in Indonesia.

Unexpectedly, the interest of blogger so far is quite good, though not much. And some people also ask, is the template for sale?

For this reason, I opened a donation for development by opening a donation. So everyone who donates money for this blog, will get the AMP Blogger free template that I use.

This Alinux AMP Blogger template, I have developed several times and of course there are still many changes needed. Of course this is what I offer to the donors later, you will get every version update of this template.

What is the difference between Donation and Buying?

Maybe you will question, what is the difference between donations by buying? Of course it has a difference.

I do not specify how many donations you will give, even I will receive 1 dollar. And you can get this Premium AMP Blogger template.

How can I Donate, and Get this Alinux AMP Blogger Template?

I open a donation via PayPal, and currently I can only accept donations via PayPal. The nominal is not important, no matter how much I will receive it.

After you make a donation, you must send an email to [email protected], mentioning your paypal account and your blog address. After that, I will send this blog template within a maximum of 2X24 hours.

Why is it 2x24 hours? I just want to make sure and check again that this template is ready to be shared with you.

Interested? Click DONATION NOW.


Features Availability
Responsive True Check
Mobile Friendly True Check
Google Testing Tool Validator (Index) True Check
Google Testing Tool Validator (Item) True Check
SEO Friendly True
Non-AMP Canonical True
Grid Style Icon Menu (NEW) True
Top Navigation True
Breadcrumbs True
Lightbox Search True
Back to Top Button True
Sticky Widget True
ShareThis Share Button True
Recent Post True
Disquss CommentTrue
High CTR True
Subscribe Box True
Related Post True
Sticky Sidebar True
Image Lightbox True / Optional
Sitemap Widget True
Font Awesome 4.7.0 True
Fixed Menu on Mobile Coming Soon
About Me Widget True

Suitable for niches: Blogging Tutorials, Travel Blogs, Android Tutorials and News, Gaming Articles, etc.


What do you get after donation?

  • Premium ALINUX AMP-Blogger Template
  • Template Documentation For Installation. (For those who donate more than $ 15)
  • Get 3X free updates. Updates are obtained according to your request. Request an update template via email: [email protected]
  • DONATE $9 and get Travelord AMP for Free!
If you are interested in getting this template, and help me develop this blog, please click the donation button below:

Thank you for the donors who have donated money to me. Following is the list of donors:
Blog using Alinux AMP Blogger Template

Total donation : $90 - I love you guys, thanks for donation :)