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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Benefits of Setup Google AMP in Blogger Template

Whats is AMP project? Understanding and Benefits of Setup Google AMP in Blogger Blogspot Template

Understanding and Benefits Using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Blogspot

Welcome to AMP blog for blogspot. For the first time, the author will introduce all about AMP from google and benefits when implemented on your blogspot. Let's take a full review of AMP..

What is AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) ? 

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is an initiative and innovation in the form of open source applications that arose from discussions between publishers and technology companies about the importance of improving the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone including publishers, consumers, creators, and users.

If you ever search for an article on google and have found a search result that strikes "lightning", then it is certain that the blog and article are indeed valid AMP. And when you click on those search results, it is certain that the page is faster accessed.

Summarized from the web amp project, the AMP page is built with 3 core components ie AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache. Perhaps this cache is one of the important components of why the AMP page is so quickly accessible. Let's discuss them one by one:


AMP HTML is HTML with some restrictions for performance that can speed up web page performance. There are indeed some restrictions on some regular HTML languages that can not be used in HTML pages.

Examples are script, style, OnClick, and much more. If in your blogger template using these languages, then certainly your blog will not be valid AMP.

In addition, the use of HTML and scripts for some components such as <img> is also replaced to <amp-img>, and even for the AdSense code was changed to improve page performance. We will discuss more fully about it in the next article.


Library AMP JS ensures the rendering of the HTML AMP page is done quickly. The AMP page has its own JS that makes you unable to use any other Javascript, even jQuery though. This is probably the reason why many bloggers are still thinking to turn their blog pages into valid AMP.

AMP Cache

Google AMP Cache can be used to display cached AMP HTML pages. Google AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network to display all valid AMP documents. This network takes the AMP HTML page, places it in the cache, and improves page performance automatically.
When using Google AMP Cache, documents, all JS files, and all images loaded from the same origin using HTTP 2.0 to get maximum efficiency. (sumber:

What are the Benefits of AMP for Blogger blog?

Here we review the benefits of using a valid template AMP on your blogspot:

Speed Up Blogger Blog

Broadly speaking, AMP is made to improve web performance faster than various devices, especially smartphones. Even with weak connections, AMP pages can still be accessed quickly.

That's because the AMP page does not allow to use any javascript inside the web page. It's no secret indeed, if the use of javascript actually slow loading a website.

Increase Ad Click Value

Not only that, many claim that a valid blog page AMP can increase the rate of ad clicks on your blog. This is because load ads like Adsense faster. Perhaps many blogs also feel that loading AdSense ads makes your blog feel heavier.

Increase SERP on Google

This is the reason why authors change the blog page to be valid AMP. Yep! Increase ranking in google. Do not believe? Please try it.

How to make blogger valid AMP?

Unlike blogs that use WordPress CMS that easily use the plugin for valid AMP, blogspot blogs need a little time to be valid. The author will discuss it in depth in the article: Valid AMP for Blogspot.