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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

URL Image Parameter for Custom Blogger Images

URL Image Parameter for Custom Blogger Images. How to compress image blogger, convert to webp, and many more

URL Image Parameter for Custom Blogger Images is a blogging platform provided free by Google. And the space provided is unlimited, including for image storage.

But there are some bloggers who have not even utilized the unlimited and free image hosting facilities from this blogger. There are still bloggers who still save their pictures in third parties.

Of course this is actually not a big problem, but there are some Blogger codes that do not support hosting other party images such as code for thumbnail post.

For that, it is recommended to post pictures please upload directly to the post. No need to worry about storage space because Blogger image hoster gas unlimited space.

Likewise for images for other purposes such as favicons, manifest.json, blog logos, and others, please upload them on Blogger.

If you do not understand how to take the URL of an image hosted on Blogger, I have made a video, please watch it to better understand.

And in the image URL that is stored on Blogger, there are several parameters that can make it easier for us to modify the image.

Usually the image URL that is hosted on Blogger or uploaded on the post will look like this.

Blogger provides 4 domains for hosting images, namely,,, and https: / /

Note the s.... code which is marked, in that code we can modify the image with the following parameters.

List of parameters for modifying Blogger images

1. s (square or maybe size), meaning square. By default, Blogger uses param s for images uploaded in posts. Param s is usually followed by a value that indicates the size of the image in pixels, taken from the largest side. If the square is horizontal, then the width value is taken. If the vertical square, the high value is taken.

Example: s320

If you want the size according to the original you can use the value according to the original width or height which has the largest value, for example s3250 or can use s0.

2. w (width), meaning width. To determine the desired width, for example w320.

3. h (height), meaning height. To determine the desired height, for example h320.

If w and h are combined, then what is taken is the value of h, for example w500-h100 then the benchmark is the value of h and the width of w will follow the comparison.

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4. c (crop), meaning to cut. To crop the image at the top according to the value specified by the other param in front of it. For example: s320-c will cut a square with a width and height of 320px at the top of the image, w320-h100-c will cut with a width of 320px and a height of 100px at the top of the image.

5. n is the same as c but cuts it right in the middle.

6. p is the same as n and c but cut from the midpoint of the image.

7. cc (circle crop), meaning to cut round and the outer side will be a white area. s320-cc is a circle with a diameter of 320px, w500-h750-cc is a circle with a diameter of 500px (the smallest value is taken).

8. It's useful to prevent changes in image size that is larger than the original dimensions. For example, if the width of the original image is 600 pixels, then even if it determines a wider width such as w1600-nu, the image will not be larger than the original width.

9. fv (vertical flip) reverses the image vertically, for example s320-fv

10. fh (flip horizontal) flips the image horizontally, for example s320-fh

11. r (rotate) rotates the image to a value of 90, 180, or 270, for example s320-r90 then the image will tilt to the right 90 degrees.

12. rj to change the image format from PNG or GIF to JPG.

13. rp to change the image format from JPG or GIF to PNG.

14. rw to change the image format from JPG or PNG to WEBP.

15. rh to change the GIF format to MP4 so that it can be a source in the HTML5 <video> tag.


<video controls>
<source src="" type="video/mp4">

16. l to compress image quality, for example, s320-rj-l85, the image will be a JPG format with 85% quality with a size of 320px.

17. d (download) functions to download images when the image URL is used as a link, for example: s320-d.

Those are some parameters that might be useful for modifying images uploaded in posts.

Maybe useful.