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Thursday, February 27, 2020

CDN Statically Launch Plugin To Speed Up WordPress for FREE

Free CDN service Statically Launch Plugin To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog. 1 Plugin for everything.

Statically Launch Plugin To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog. 1 Plugin for everything.

The loading speed of a website is one of the important factors in SEO. I have several times written articles about tips to speed up blog loading.

There are so many ways to speed up loading of web pages ranging from implementing good images and HTML to using plugins to store cache files. (if using wordpress).

For you WordPress CMS users, of course the use of plugins such as W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket will be very helpful in minimizing website loading speed.

These plugins are able to store cache and reduce the size of CSS, HTML and JavaScript elements. But of course there are some deficiencies that cannot be resolved.

One of them is how the file is received and sent to the user. The use of CDNs is very important for website speed, and both do not allow providing free CDN services.

In addition, the plugin is also not able to reduce the size of an image file.

And Statically, provides solutions to these problems. Statically is a free CDN service that was built by Frans Allen in 2018 ago.

Statically collaborates with various CDN service providers such as Cloudflare, Fastly, BunnyCDN and others, to provide free CDN services to all webmasters.

I wrote several articles about Statically: Rawgit Reach The End, Migrate to Staticaly Now!

And in February 2020, there is very good news for WordPress users. Now, you can use all CDN services from Statically with only 1 plugin.

With the Statically plugin, all files in WP-Admin and WP-Includes will be served on the Statically CDN. So this will speed up your WordPress loading.

Simply register your WordPress email and domain at then you will get the Statically API for free.

The API will later be used to activate the Statically Plugin.

The plugin will automatically work, you don't need any configuration, just enter the API that has been given.

Interested? Download STATICALLY PLUGIN now.

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