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Thursday, October 4, 2018

'Temporarily Unreachable' problem in Fetch As Google Feature on Webmaster Tool

'Temporarily Unreachable' problem in Fetch As Google Feature on Webmaster Tool. How to solve Temporarily Unreachable

'Temporarily unreachable' explanation on Google's Fetch As on Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster tool or now better known as Search Console, is one of the important tools for Webmasters. This tool is very useful for monitoring website performance such as google robot crawling performance, website backlink, crawling issues, and all things related to Google.
One feature of Search Console is very useful, namely 'Fetch as Google' feature. This feature serves to send website data to Google robots to request page indexing quickly.

By utilizing this feature, New Content of website or article will be indexed faster on Google. So it is highly recommended to use fetch as google feature after the article has been published, so that the new article index can be directly viewed on Google. 

However, many Blogger friends are having problems using this feature. When sending URLs and rendering sent pages, Google states that the URL 'Temporarily unreachable' or it means that the URL cannot be reached at this time.

Why this happened? Did the blog experience an error? Or is it just the google webmaster that is in error?

There are several explanations according to experts at the Google Webmaster Forum that I found. The cause of the occurrence of 'Temporarily unreachable' when rendering the URL in the Fetch as Google feature, among others:

Wrong URL

The first possibility if it occurs 'Temporarily unreachable' is, you send and render the wrong page. So make sure you input the correct website URL. 

In the fetch as google column, you just need to attach the URL directory or you don't enter the full URL. 

If your blog address is and want to render , you just paste the ipsum.html.

If you paste the URL completely, the Fetch as Google simulation tool will render your page like this:

And we can be sure that is the wrong URL. 

Server Response Time Is Too Long

The second possibility is that your server response time is too long (slow server). The 'Temporarily unreachable' error is usually found when you select the Fetch and Render option. When you choose this option, Google not only searches the URL, but also renders each code in the page. 
The 'Temporarily unreachable' problem can be caused by your server experiencing speed problems. If the server response is too long, the Google Robot will stop rendering your page. 

The solution to this problem is to try to contact your web hosting. You can also minimize server response by increasing the speed of your website. For example, reducing the size of HTML and css, and not using a lot of third-party JavaScript.

Too Many Sending Requests in 'Fetch as Google'

The last possibility is that you ask too much for the rendering request at a different URL. Google Webmaster limits every Fetch as Google request every day. And according to the information, Google will not accept simultaneously rendering a different URL.

To solve this problem, please use the Fetch as Google feature the next day. And don't do different Fetch and Render URLs simultaneously.


The conclusion of this article, the problem of 'Temporarily unreachable' can still be overcome in various ways that I have explained. And the problem can occur at any time, seeing from the causes of the problem.

If you continue to experience these problems in the Fetch as Google tool, you don't need to worry because Google can still crawl URLs through the sitemap that you have sent on Google Search Console.