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Friday, February 1, 2019

Free Download Infinite JLB, AMP Blogger Template

Free download Infinite AMP new design v2 by . Free download amp blogger html, amp blog template, amp blogspot template new 2018, SEO friendly

Free Download Blogger Theme - Infinite JLB AMP Blogger Blogspot

INFINITE JLB is a free blogger template free template. This theme is a modification of the Infinite AMP published by which is the work of Arlina Design. 

This blogger template is 100% valid AMP HTML. Please check AMP validation for this template here [CHECK HERE].This template design uses the AMP HTML guide with the concept of flat design. This blogger AMP template is free and certainly has many features.


  • Canonical URL for AMP version
  • AMP HTML validation: pass 100%
  • Full Responsive
  • Facebook Comment / Disquss Comment
  • FlatUI Color scheme
  • SEO Friendly
  • Super fast!
  • Valid & Data Structure (BlogPosting)
  • Dynamic Heading
  • High CTR
  • Subscribe and Author Box
  • Social Share
  • Table of Content
  • No Javascript
  • Related Post
  • Top Banner Ad
  • OneSignal Push Notification


Infinite JLB template was used over 100 blogs around the internet. Thanks for supports :)

Download & Demo

Free download Infinite JLB - AMP Blogger Theme:


- Minor bugs
- SEO meta tag