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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Most Successful AdSense Ad Layout Positions for AMP Blog

4 slots of The Most Successful Adsense Ads Placement. Most Successful AdSense Ad Layout Positions for AMP Blog

The Most Successful Adsense Ads Placement on AMP Blog

Almost the entire income of a blogger is from advertising. With advertisements on their blogs, they will get paid on each of clicks (CPC advertising). In addition, usually, some bloggers also open services and sell advertising slot on his blog.
Well, for you who are purely looking for revenue from CPC ads like Google AdSense, of course, it takes a variety of strategies to optimize ad clicks from visitors. 

In addition to increasing visitors to your blog site, one other way to optimize and increase AdSense ad click is by placing ads in the right place. 

Now, I will try to discuss about the slot for the most optimal AdSense ad placement, especially on your AMP blog. 

1. amp-sticky-ad

Based on my experience after implementing AMP HTML on my blog, the most successful ad slot on the AMP blog is AMP-Sticky-Ad ads. For information, amp-sticky-ad is an alternative to page-level ad ads that can not be applied to AMP blogs.

This ad will appear if the user is using a browser on a smartphone. Ads will appear on the bottom of the screen. But unfortunately, this ad could be ignored by visitors because there is a button 'close'. 

But it can be tricked by removing the close button on amp-sticky-ad. Read: Remove Close button on amp-sticky-ad.

Recommended ad sizes: 300X50

2. Below Post Content / End of Article Content

Another recommended ad slot from me is, Ads placed at the end of your blog article content. Yep! Not only succeeds on valid AMP blogs alone, these ads are also usually successful when applied to the non-AMP blog.

To put AdSense ads at the end of the article, just put your AdSense ads valid AMP under the code <data:post.body/>.

Recommended ad sizes: 336X280

3. Below Article Title

Recommendation The third is under the title of your article. Yep! By put AdSense ads under the title of your article, the user will directly see your ad when the visitors come. So, the possibility of visitors to click ads is very large.

Recommended ad size: Responsive

4. AMP-Auto-Ad
For you, AMP blogger users, if previously you can not place ads in the middle of the article, now there is a solution. Because Google Adsense has issued an alternative for those of you who can't place ads in the middle of the article.

Because Adsense Lab and AMP Project have created a JS for AdSense that called amp-auto-ad.

This ad will automatically place AdSense ads in various places on your blog, including in the middle of the article. So you do not have to bother placing ad code manually.

Read: Setting amp-auto-ad on AMP HTML Blog

Yep! It's this short article amp-idn this time about the Most Successful Adsense Ads Placement Slot that can be applied to Blog AMP. Maybe useful :)