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Friday, February 28, 2020

How to Improve Your WordPress Speed With Just 1 Plugin, Free CDN!

How to Increase Your WordPress Blog Speed With Just 1 Plugin with 100% Free CDN Service.

How to Increase Your WordPress Blog Speed With Just 1 Plugin with 100% Free CDN Service

Recently, Free CDN service from Statically has launched a breakthrough. Statically launches a free plugin where WordPress users can speed up blog loading with a plugin called Statically.

The plugin allows WordPress users to optimize website accuracy by serving all files in WP-admin and WP-includes to the free CDN service from Statically.

Statically Plugin will also automatically work without the need to configure the plugin. The plugin will automatically compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript sizes. It also will optimize images from your website.

Then how to improve WordPress speed by using Statically? I will explain it below.

First, you must get the API Statically, and it's free. Go to

1. Fill in the form in the form of your WordPress web domain and an active email. Click Generate API and copy the API you got.

2. Then enter the WordPress Dashboard - Plugin.

3. Click Add Plugin and look for Statically. If it's already downloaded, activate the plugin.

4. Open the Statically Settings plugin, and enter the Statically API that you already have.

5. Finally, click SAVE.

Clear all caches, and see the changes.

To prove the CDN works statically, open your domain and press F12 on the keyword to inspect element.

See the picture below, this is a change after I used Statically.

All CSS, JavaScript and Image files will be automatically saved via:

And of course, this will increase your WordPress speed.

So how, interested using Statically Plugin? Go to now.