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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Free CDN Services "Staticaly" Migrate to a New Domain?

Without giving any notice, is it really Staticaly Migrating to a New Domain?

Free CDN Services "Staticaly" Migrate to a New Domain?

After the RawGit service was closed a few months ago, soon one of Indonesia's developers, launched a free CDN service for Git repositories, WordPress and images with the name Staticaly.

Staticaly so far

Staticaly doesn't take long to become one of the best Git CDN services, because only a few months after its appearance on the Internet, Staticaly is able to handle more than 100 million requests and the average hits above 30 TB per month. Of course, this is a big enough number for newcomers.

Staticaly is not only a CDN service for Git, but also able to improve the speed of dynamic websites like WordPress through image CDN services for WordPress. Just simply install the Staticaly Photon plugin, the images will be accessed faster on the WordPress website and compressed automatically. 

Staticaly can be accessed at and a CDN mirror at But, this May it seems that the CDN service which is a project from Marsble is migrating to the IO domain extension

Staticaly CDN Migrate to New Domain

Without notice or announcement at Marsble or, it seems that Staticaly has migrated to a new domain. 

Yep! can now be accessed through (with double L). That way, mirrors for CDN services also change to

Not only changing the domain, all social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter also changed which were originally named @staticalyhq to @staticallyio.

I don't know what the reason is, but my guess is that the spelling of Statically (with double L) is more familiar than Staticaly (without double L). But this is just my guess, we will see the reason from 

May be useful :)