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Saturday, November 24, 2018

How to Add Google Tag Manager to AMP Blogger Page

How to Add Google Tag Manager to AMP Blogger Template

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a service for webmaster whose function to track activity on a website such as clicking the DOM element on the website. GTM is very helpful for marketing in analyzing user activities when visiting a website.

This service integrated with Google Analytics that will really help you, because it is enough to make Tags and Triggers to track business on your Website, without add additional tracking code.

Add Google Tag Manager to AMP Blogspot

To add the Google Tag Manager code, you need to create a Container or Google Tag Manager Account.

Login using your Google account on Google Tag Manager.

Fill every form available on Create Account interface, in tab container filled with your blog address without using protocol HTTP/https. 

In the Tab Where to use container, click AMP.

After you click the Create button, a code appears that you must add to your Blogger Template

Before you add the GTM code, you must add  <amp-analytics> element before in</head> your Blogger template.

<!-- AMP Analytics --><script async='' custom-element="amp-analytics" src=""></script>

Then copy the Google Tag Manager script code that you have obtained, right after  <body>

<!-- Google Tag Manager -->
<amp-analytics config="" data-credentials="include"></amp-analytics> 

Yellow marked is your GTM ID. 

All processes for installing HTML code on your Blogger are complete. Now you can track activities on your Blog AMP by adding tags and triggers.

Good luck :)