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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Advantages and Dangers of Installing PopUnder Ad on Website

Advantages and Dangers of Installing PopUnder Ad on Website. bad effect of implement Spam PopUnder ad for SEO blog

Bad effects of implement Spam PopUnder ad for SEO blog

There are already a lot of website monetization platforms. Besides Google AdSense, there are thousands of similar platforms that compete on the Internet to get advertisers and attract ad publisher.

They created many new ad formats that are different from Google AdSense. Among them, Native Matched Content advertisements popularized by Adnow and MGID, which were then followed by AdSense under the name Matched Content. There are also types of Native Infeed ads, Push Notifications, and the most popular are PopUnder and Pop Up ads.

I will focus on discussing the types of PopUnder and Pop Up ad formats.

If you are a website visitor, you will certainly agree that Pop Under ads are the most annoying type.

This advertisement is considered effective for publishers, but not by website visitors. This ad will appear suddenly if you click on a web element and bring up a new tab even new windows on the browser.

This ad works using Javascript that is placed on the web element, and will automatically display ads from the Advertiser. Usually a landing page appears from the advertiser.

Publisher will be paid according to impressions (CPM), with different fees adjusted for several factors.

As I said, this ad is indeed good and effective at getting more income. But it certainly has a big effect on your website and visitors.
I will discuss the Advantages and Dangers of using PopUnder Ad.


  • PopUnder ad are more profitable and get paid quickly. Visitors do not need to directly click on banner ads, because PopUnder ads will appear when you click on any element on the website. Surely this is very profitable, even though your web traffic is not crowded.
  • Pop Under ads pay according to display per number (CPM), so even if visitors don't click on PopUnder ads that appear, you will still be paid.
  • PopUnder and Pop Up advertisement platform providers usually allow all types of website, even illegal download and sexual content.
  • Ads that appear from many types of advertisers, even gambling / berjudi and sexual sites can advertise. Usually these types of ads are most often clicked

Disadvantages and Dangers of Pop Under Ads

  • PopUnder ads are very annoying for your web visitors, because they appear suddenly even more than once. This will make visitors quickly leave your website, and make the bounce rate go up.
  • With a high bounce rate (Bounce Rate), your content is considered low quality. Google punishment can be experienced by your website.
  • Being considered spam is a big possibility. This is because your site experiences a lot of ad impressions, compared to your content.
  • Vulnerable to Malware. It is common knowledge that PopUnder Ads are protected by malware that is harmful to websites and visitors.
  • Vulnerable to Google's De-Index algorithm. There are several Bloggers who argue that Google will punish your web, and disappear all indexes of website content on Google. This will be very detrimental to those of you who rely on traffic from organic searches

From my opinion above, you can conclude for yourself which one is your goal. You have the right to choose the option to use pop under advertisements or not.

If you have a download blog that cannot be accepted by Google AdSense, posting Pop Under ads from platforms like PropellerAds is the best choice.

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