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Friday, September 7, 2018

Block Internal Blog Traffic in Google Analytics

Block Internal Blog Traffic in Google Analytics. How to Block Own IP Address Traffics from Google Analytics Report. Exclude Google Analytics from reporting Internal Traffics

Exclude Google Analytics from reporting Internal Traffics 

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics for a website. Google Analytics can search visitors based on referral page information, including search engines, advertisements, pay-per-click networks, email marketing, and also links contained in PDF documents.

By using Google Analytics on a website, website owner can automatically see who is accessing our website. Where it comes from, what user browser, language, can even display what user is interested in. 

Simply by entering the javascript code and HTML provided by Google Analytics, all users will automatically be displayed in the Analytics dashboard. 

Usually, for more accurate results, website owner are block traffics from the blog owner's IP. Because those who visit our website most often are the owners. 

For this reason, the Block the Internal Traffic of owner IP is very important to produce accurate Analytics.

I will explain how to Block Internal Traffic on Google Analytics, to be more accurate. 

Block Internal Blog Traffic via Filters Menu

Make sure you have installed Google Analytics on your website. Go to the Google Analytics dashboard at and log in using a gmail account that integrates with your Google Analytics.

Select your website property, then on the sidebar bar, click Admin (Gear icon). On the Account tab, make sure you choose the correct property. Then click All Filters.

To add the IP Blocking value, click Add Filter. A new display will appear. Then name your filter. In the Filter type row, select Predefined.

The details of the value prefenied must be filled in like this: Exclude - traffic from IP the IP Address - That is equal to.

Enter your IP Address. To find out your IP Address, please go to and enter the query "My IP Address"

In the row Apply filter from views, enter the view that your website. See the picture below for more details.

Click save for the final process.

Now, all traffics from the IP will be blocked, and will not be displayed on Google Analytics.

May be useful :)