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Sunday, September 16, 2018

5 Web and Tools Should Use to Develop AMP HTML Blogger

5 free Blog and Tool Websites that can help you create and develop the Blogger AMP page. 5 tools required for AMP template Blogger

5 Web and Tools Should Use to Develop AMP HTML Blogger

In developing a blog, we need third party tools to help develop Blog. On the internet, there are lots of free tools and websites that Blogger can use to develop their Blog.

I give you an example of Tool can help you to reduce the size of the CSS that you use for your website. Usually Webmasters and Bloggers use these tools so that websites are more quickly accessed.

There is also AddThis, a share tool that is very useful for creating social media share box widgets. This tool is very popular for Bloggers and supports almost all platforms including AMP HTML

Read: Install AddThis on AMP Blogger Template.

For those of you who have an AMP HTML-based Blog like me, you need tools that can help you develop the AMP page.

I have used a number of tools that have been proven to help develop AMP pages on my blog. This time, I will share 5 tools and websites that you can use to develop your AMP Blog.

1. AMP Validator

AMP Validator is a tool from that helps you review whether your page is valid AMP or not. This tool can detect which HTML codes do not meet the AMP HTML criteria. You can see the error code and fix it.

AMP Validator is also available for Chrome browsers and Mozilla Firefox in the form of add on. You can install it on your browser, and can directly see if your webpage is AMP valid or not.

Name: AMP Validator
Developer: AMP Project / Google
Priority: High

2. Website Resmi AMP Project

This is the official AMP HTML developer page. You can find the latest features, reference convert to AMPHTML, as well as documentation about AMP javascript components. references all AMP components that can be used on your website. also provides a basic example of applying code to your website.

Developer: AMP Project / Google
Priority: High

3. CSS Compressor

One of the conditions for your webpage to be valid is AMP, that is, the size of CSS for web pages is not more than 50,000 bytes (50Kb).

This is indeed the limit given by as the creator of AMP HTML. For this reason you need to reduce the size of your CSS.

On the internet, there are many tools that help you compress CSS and HTML sizes. One of them is

You can use the tool for free. How it works, this tool will delete the line break in CSS, comment CSS tags and CSS code that doesn't need to be used. I will provide an example of CSS that has been compressed:

Before being compressed:

/* This is CSS Comment tag */

body {
    Font-Family: Roboto;

    background: #fff;
    color: #444 margin: 0 padding-top: 5px;
    padding-right: 10px;
    padding-left: 10px;
    padding-bottom: 5px;
    position: static;

After being compressed

body{font-family:Roboto;background:#fff;color:#444 margin: #0 padding-top: #5px;padding-right:10px;padding-left:10px;padding-bottom:5px;position:static}

Developer: -
Priority: Medium (Optional)

4. AMP By Example

I learned a lot from this website. On the website, you can search for some references in applying the AMP javascript component on the website page.

This website is certainly very helpful because it provides several examples of the application and use of AMP components that are still confused to apply.

AMP Tool By Example this gives lots of samples from basic to advantages.

Developer: AMP Project / Google
Priority: Medium (Optional)

5. Kompi Ajaib

This is increadible blog for you. is one of my favorite blogs to develop the valid Blogger AMP that I have. Adhy, as a writer and owner of the blog has led me to learn AMP HTML.

On this blog, you can find many references to the application of AMP HTML on your Blogger template. Many interesting tutorials on the application of AMP components that can be applied to Blogspot CMS.

In addition, also creates and develops many valid AMP templates, you can buy licenses at cheap prices.

Please visit, if you don't find the AMP Blogger tutorial here: D. But unfortunately, is currently only available in Indonesian.

Developer: Adhy Suryadi
Priority: Medium (Optional)

That's 5 websites and tools that you can use to develop your Valid AMP Blogger. May be useful