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Monday, August 13, 2018

Why AMP Auto Ads Not Place Ad Inside Blogger Article?

amp-auto-ads blogger not working. Why doesn't AMP-AUTO-ADS display ads on Articles? Causes of Google Auto Ads AMP Does Not Display Ads in AMP Blogger Template

AMP-AUTO-ADS NOT WORKING! Causes of Google Auto Ads AMP Does Not Display Ads in AMP Blogger Template

AdSense auto ads really help publishers to display ad in strategic places. No longer need to put ads manually, Google AdSense Auto Ads will randomly place ads in various formats. 

Some time ago, officially amp-auto-ads were also developed into a beta version, after previously still in experimental. Bloggers who use the AMP Blogger template are also happy about this news. 

But there are some problems faced, because many find problems with ad placement. Some bloggers ask, why does amp-auto-ads ad not place ad in the article (center of content)? This indeed requires an explanation with a slightly complicated language. 

Understanding How AMP AUTO ADS Works

In the official page, amp-auto-ads component has been explained that the ad will be injected in several strategic places. 

Given a sufficient number of valid placements (supplied in the configuration), amp-auto-ads tries to insert additional ads while adhering to a set of constraints specified by the ad network. These constraints will limit:
  • Ads will only appear when you use a smartphone.
  • The total number of ads that can be inserted
If there are too many ads on a website, then amp-auto-ads will certainly not place ad close.
  • The minimum distance that there should be between any adjacent ads

There is a minimum distance between advertisements, this is where the problem might be why the ad doesn't appear in the middle of the article. The solution, you need to make a long article, so that the ad can appear at least one inside post.
  • In addition to this, ads will only be inserted in locations on the page that do not cause an unacceptable re-flow (as determined by attemptChangeSize).
This is confusing. Ads will only be displayed in places that they think are good. This needs special treatment, which I happen to have little understanding about.

Configuring Placements on Bloggers to Appear in the Middle of Articles

As explained in their page:
"Ad should be positioned immediately positions immediately after all <P class='paragraph'> elements that are within the third <DIV id='domId'> on the page. An ad placed in any of these positions should be of type BANNER and have a top margin of 4px and a bottom margin of 10px."

The problem is that Blogger will not receive the <p> tag when you write articles through HTML mode, and will automatically be replaced with a <div> tag that gives a break for each paragraph. 

However, I tried to outsmart it using the <div> tag followed by Selector class. I use the Selector Class when I upload images in the article

Can you see the image below, amp-auto-ads tries to place ads above and / or below the article image. I will explain, why does the ad appear below the image, so read carefully. 

Because at that time I tried to learn what kind of ad was placed by amp-auto-ads, and it turned out that ad on my blog only appeared just below the picture in the article.

Here's the sample code that I used when uploading images, using the class selector to hold the image. 

<div class="fixed-height-container">

<amp-img alt="Best adsense alternative for AMP google" class="contain" layout="fill" 




Here I give proof that Auto Ads are trying to place ads:
I put the code when writing and uploading images in the article, and it turns out that auto ads appear below and above image. If you try to use the <p> tag, it will be useless because I have explained that Blogger does not accept the <p> tag in the article. 

It should be noted that there may be other ways that amp-auto-ads can place ads in the middle of the article. This is just my opinion, even though it turns out that the advertisement appears in this way. 

If you want to try using the <div class = 'fixed-height-container> tag like the example above, don't forget to copy the CSS for the selector, read the article: Make the Image Responsive without entering WIdth and Height.

Hopefully useful, please comment to discuss the AMP AUTO ADS problem on Blogger.