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Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to Setup Facebook Pixel in AMP Blog

How to Setup Facebook Pixel in AMP Blog. Tutorial how to implement and setting pixel in blogger with template valid AMP. this is the step

How to Setup Facebook Pixel in AMP Blog

For bloggers who actively use Facebook, both social media and Facebook developers may have been familiar with the so-called Facebook Pixel. Yep! Facebook Pixel is a code in the form of javascript that will be placed on our website page that aims to record the data of visitors who come.

Overview of the explanation, Pixel is similar to google analytics that we can also put on our website page for tracking our website page visitors. But facebook pixel course will be more detail on the track of your web visitors who come from Facebook. 

Usually, pixels will be installed by a blogger or developer who often creates website ads n Facebook. With the aim of doing retargeting later. 

For those of you who want to try to install facebook pixel on your blog, the way is very easy. The first thing you should do is create your pixel account first at and try creating a pixel account for your blog.

Then put the code in must be placed above the code </ head>.

For those of you who use AMP HTML maybe the Pixel code installation will be a little different, and only need to copy the pixel account code only.

Especially for the AMP blog, place the code below just before the code </ body>. Because the pair, if the code is installed before the code </ head>, then your AMP page will have an error.


*Change 152098660465XXXX with your facebook pixel ID code.

If you put it on Blogger and have an error, please parse the HTML code first before putting it on your blog.

If the code is installed, then facebook pixel will take some time for your blog can begin to be crawled by a script from Pixel.

For the report can be seen directly on