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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to View AMP Auto Ads Performance on Google Adsense

How to View AMP Auto Ads Performance on Google Adsense. amp-auto-ads banner click reports. See amp auto ads reports

View AMP Auto Ads Performance Report

Amp-auto-ads from Adsense, helping bloggers who use a valid AMP blogspot template  to put ads on their blog.

This amp-auto-ads Javascript will automatically serve random AdSense ads on your blog. Can be in the middle of the article, above the title, even in the popular post widget automatically.

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So, what are the advantages if we install the amp-auto-ads on our AMP blogger? In addition to not need to install adsense ads script manually, click rate of ads will also increase. 

Then, How do we see the performance of amp-auto-ads that we have put on the blog? The way is easy enough.

You can see the performance of ads that are automatically placed on the AMP blog by opening a performance reports tab on your Google AdSense dashboard. Here the step:

1. Please open a Google Adsense account that you have connected with your valid AMP blog.

2. Open performance reports tab, and then click my reports.

3. In the report type option, please select ad behavior. Then will appear several types of ads in the bottom column..

4. Performance reports for your amp-auto-ads ads are named with AMP Auto Banner Ads. Please click for full report.

5. Once clicked, it will show the performance report of your amp-auto-ads.

It's a quick article on how to view amp-auto-ads reports in AdSense. May be useful.